• Message of the President


    In 2013, the M6 Group drew strength from its core values to carve an even stronger foothold.

    "In 2013, the M6 Group drew strength from its core values to carve an even stronger foothold for its channels and fuel its diversification strategies, while holding firm against intense competition in the marketplace and weathering the turbulent economic climate.
    The Group’s channels successfully raised the performance bar - our Group has achieved the highest growth over the last five years among all free channels.
    For instance, M6 strengthened its status as the number two commercial channel, while W9 remained the number one DTT channel among the under-50s, and 6ter enjoyed a successful launch.
    Téva also reinforced its status as women’s favourite premium channel, while Paris Première set the gold standard among the high income segment.
    As part of our game plan for 2014, we will continue ploughing considerable financial resources into our programmes, with a number of new features on M6 and W9, as well as 6ter, which will broaden its broadcasting network.


    The M6 Group also spearheads several diversification activities, which continued making headway in 2013.
    The Group has also developed its use of digital technology with the 6play brand launched in November 2013. M6 Mobile currently has close to three million subscribers, and the films of our distribution subsidiary SND once again proved a big hit in cinema theatres. Finally, our distance selling division continued spreading its wings through its home selling activities and our monalbumphoto.fr brand.
    As with each year, the M6 Group will look towards innovation as a driving force for growth in 2014."



    Chairman of the M6 Group Executive Board

    ©Sylvie Lancrenon